Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My 5 {4}

Topic: Hobbies I Would Totally Love to Take Up

So we all get a little comfy in our regularly-scheduled world and rarely change the channel to something new and exciting. But if we could, regardless of cost, time, and effort, there are always a few things we can think of that we would love to do!

Here are the five things I'd totally love to start doing!

1. Candle Making. How cool would that be? I'd love to make my own and use real essential oils for scent; make some nice stress-relieving ones, calming and relaxing. 

2. Soap Making. Are you starting to see a trend here? I'm a total DIY-kind of gal, and making my own soap has been on my To-Do list for awhile now.

3. Sewing. I blame Pinterest for my interest (ha!) in this craft. I would make my own clothes, cute things for around the house... and purses! Oh my, I could make my own purses!

4. Quilling. The art of curling paper into fun shapes! Boyfriend's mom does this to wedding invitations for wedding gifts and holy crow, it's so pretty with curly colors and pretty flowers!

5. Painting. I'd love to learn how to paint. I can draw, doodle, charcoal, etc. But when it comes to painting it's a no go. I'd love to make it a go!

So what five things would you love to learn and start doing? Let me know!

Happy Reading!

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