Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall Time | Cozy Time | Book Tag

Hey Bookworms! So this is a tag that is currently going around YouTube/BookTube that was created by NovelsandNonsense (her channel is HERE). I am going to get myself into Booktubing soon - but for now, I'm going to do the Tags here on the blog! Feel free to do it too, and leave me a comment below so that I can visit your blog and see your answers!
The Questions

Q: Crunching Leaves: The world is full of color - choose a book that has reds, oranges, and yellows on the cover.
 A: Oooh, this is an easy one! Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas  - the 2nd book in the Throne of Glass series!

Q: Cozy Sweater - It's finally cold enough to don warm cozy clothing: what book gives you the warm fuzzies?
A: This is probably an overused book, but The Fault in our Stars by John Green for sure!

Q: Fall Storm: The wind is howling & the rain is pounding - choose your favorite book OR
genre that you like to read on a stormy day?
A: I guess I'd be more apt to curl up with a dark fantasy - but really, I'd read whatever my Current Read was - I wouldn't go seeking out a new book to start just cuz it's raining!

Q: Cool Crisp Air: What's the coolest character you'd want to trade places with?
A: Hmm... I really like Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door.

Q: Hot Apple Cider: What under-hyped book do you want to see become the next biggest,
hottest thing?
A: I think the Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout. I know that it's definitely more popular than it was... but I still don't think people understand it's awesomeness!

Q: Coat, Scarves, and Mittens - The weather has turned cold & it's time to cover up - What's
the most embarrassing book cover you own that you like to keep hidden in public?
A: Can't say there is one... I'm a reader loud and proud!
Q:Pumpkin Spice: What's your favorite fall time comforts food/foods (or drink)?
A: Anything peppermint! Soy Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks is good in my book! 

Q:Warm, Cozy Bonfire: Spread the cozy warmth - Who do you tag?
A: Bloggers: Jessica @ Jessabella Reads and Sara @ Forever17 Books

Thanks for playing along :)
Happy Reading!

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  1. Oooh, I'll have to work on mine! Thanks for tagging me!

    I still need to read Obsidian... *hides* lol


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